At the Dawn of a New Political Experience

2016 presidential election

As I write this in January 2017, the United States has just come off of a historic election season. Republicans have now taken control of both houses of Congress, as well as the presidency.

Donald J Trump was inaugurated just a week ago and has begun a series of policy moves that were promised both during his campaign as well as during the interim period between when he was elected and sworn into office. One thing is crystal clear about our new president. he has a strong set of core beliefs that result in epic polarization among U.S. adults.

As a conservative, I have some satisfaction knowing that Trump intends to work vigorously defend our nation against threats but I think are clearly credible. Specifically, I’ve been concerned for a long time about the growth of radical Islam throughout the world, and feel strongly that one of its chief goals is to spread terror throughout the United States.

Therefore, I’m a supporter of certain limitations on immigration. At a minimum, I believe in a process that ensures extensive background checks for those who want to enter our country. Trump, likely because of practical reasons like limited capacity to conduct those detailed background checks, has opted to emphasize countries where it’s more obvious that infiltration by radical Islam is greatest.

This has had the effect of spreading fear that Trump has a more sinister agenda planned. Could his ultimate goal be to ban all Muslims from the United States? Are we on the verge of facing our own fascist environment similar to what happened in Germany in the 1930s?

I don’t believe so, but in all fairness, I don’t think many believed it when Hitler was first consolidating his power base early on. One thing is for sure, race tensions and party divides under the outgoing Obama administration have degraded to a point where orderly dialogue between blacks and whites, progressives and conservatives, not to mention Democrats and Republicans, is rare.

You’ll read a lot about my viewpoints here. And while they are conservative, they are not extreme, nor do I believe the goals of the vast majority of conservatives and/or Republicans to be dangerous either. You will have the opportunity to make up your mind for yourself.

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